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Things I Know for Sure

  • You can be grateful and still have it all.
  • You can be happy and still aspire to more.
  • You can take care of yourself and your needs and it isn’t selfish.

Welcome to Gratitude & Glamour.

I know that you deserve to life a life of abundance and fulfillment. My coaching programs are designed to empower you to dream deeper and achieve greater than you have ever allowed yourself to before!

Mastermind: If a group coaching program with moderators, coaches and peers serving as accountability partners is of interest to you, the mastermind coaching program is made for you. Members meet weekly for a 60-minute group session, with opportunities to workshop the obstacles they are encountering in pursuit of their goals.

I want to know more!

8wk Premium Coaching: Is an eight week, intensive series of sessions with Amy Lee via Zoom more your speed? Together we map out the goals for the series and create an action plan to reach them. As limiting beliefs surface along the way they are handled with understanding and discipline.

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