Trying to Put it All Together? Start with Yourself!

In today’s digital age, we are always connected. We are so connected that we find no issue conducting business anywhere at anytime. No longer forced to go to the office to have a meeting, we can pretty much roll out of bed, slap on some lipstick and a relatively clean shirt, and start the day. In fact their are actual businesses that boast that you can do your work in your pjs, as if the concept of sitting cross legged on the floor in flannel pants while crunching numbers is somehow appealing.

The truth is, we are often so depleted when we wake up, that the prospect of getting up and getting ready is more than daunting, it’s damn near impossible! Why waste that precious sleep time when I can hit snooze and roll over for 45 minutes, I am just gonna get puked on anyway, right? WRONG.

When I first got married and found myself thoroughly overwhelmed with my new role as a wife, a friend of mine turned me on to this website called Fly Lady. This women was a G-dsend to me because first and foremost she didn’t tell me I had to do it all today and she didn’t tell me I was doing it wrong. She would go on to explain that becoming domestic was a process, and that skills build on skills. Each month you would practice a different habit that would hopefully become ingrained. The first of these?

Get dressed from HEAD to SHOES.

This was super important because putting your shoes on would send the message to your body that it was time to get stuff done! You need to get moving! Anything less than that still constitutes resting. Then there is the rest of the package, clothes, make-up, hair….

Why is this so important? And does it really work? Ummmmm yes. Personally as a leader with a large team, I feel like my live videos just go better when I am put together. I sit up taller and I come across more confident and articulate. I feel worthy of my role and I spend a lot less time on self deprecation and a lot more on the business. I have actually gone back to videos I have done where I didn’t look or feel my best, and heard myself drone with excuse after excuse for why I didn’t look the part. Waste of time. Get ready to the 9’s and you will feel like a million bucks, and it will show!

So what about, you ask, those of us who won’t be seeing people at all? What if I am not going to be on video, or in pictures? What if I just want to sit here in my Sneech pajamas drinking my diet vanilla coke and data entering till my fingers turn blue? Well, you can certainly do that, but I could drop about 50 different articles here about self care and why it’s important to our health as well as our well being. It’s just a fact: When we feel better, we perform better. Why do athletes rest the day before a big sportsy thing? Why is there such a push to make sure animals for food have a lot of room to run around and eat grass and be in the sun? Why do other countries give people SO MUCH MORE VACATION TIME than we have here in the U.S? The idea is that when people feel better they do more of the thing, and that makes the company more money in the long run. So if you take the time to get dressed and feel amazing about yourself, drink some water, take some cleansing breaths, and put your face on, you will feel amazing which will make your work even more amazing.

I think a lot of people spend their lives in what I like to refer to as “Dress rehearsal mode.” There is this inherit idea that there will be time to do things better, there will be another shot to get it right, I can take care of myself later, I will actually wear all those cute clothes I picked out someday. I will break open that bottle of champagne. Why not start now? No really? Why not make today and every day after it as amazing as it can be? Why not take your every day basic weekday and infuse each one with some minute detail that makes it amazeballs?

Start today. The show is starting!!!! Curtain UP!!!

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