The power of magic for manifestation

Making My Own Magic

When I was growing up, we had a very small driveway. By the time I was old enough to drive, my little Nissan Maxima didn’t fit in the two spots in front of the house, and was relegated to the dirt driveway about 500 feet over to the left.

Coming home at night and having to walk from that driveway over to the house, sometimes my fear got the best of me. I am not sure what I was afraid of, but I know I was terrified.

Then one night I had this idea that would end up changing the course of my life.

I put a protection spell on myself.

I had just read one of the Harry Potter books and was inspired to tap myself on the shoulder, and whisper a spell that I had made up in order to protect me on my walk to the house. From that moment that I uttered those words, I imagined myself under a shield that nothing could penetrate. I was able to walk slowly to the house, knowing I was safe.

This simple suspension of disbelief, would go on to serve me in many areas of my life. If I could convince myself that putting a spell on something would change the outcome for the better, then I could create spells for just about anything!

“If you build it they will come.”- Field of Dreams

As a society, we are very if/then orientated. We learn about actions and their consequences, often in terms of negative outcomes. But what about positive ones? Creating positive connections between words and ideas is a great way to help bolster the faith that an outcome will manifest.

It isn’t hard to imagine that if you hit your toe with a hammer it will hurt! But what if saying OUCH! made your toe hurt?

The most famous experiment on this is of course Pavlov’s dogs and his study of classical conditioning. Pavlov was able to condition the dogs to associate the sound of a bell ringing with being fed. Thus, when the bell rang, the dogs were conditioned to salivate because they thought their dinner was coming.

While I am not suggesting that people are as simple to condition as dogs, I do believe that it is possible to create similar associations to help us get what we want.

So let’s create a little magic!

  1. Find a word or words that will serve as your magic word. Mine was Severus Protectus- I know, not very unique, but I was 16.
  2. Think of a desired outcome that you would like to see. Maybe you would like to worry less, or to stop biting your nails.  Tell yourself that saying this “spell” will produce the desired outcome.
  3. Have fun with it! Want to make yourself a wand? GO FOR IT! Want to throw on a cape and blow glitter all over your kitchen? HAVE AT IT! Whatever you need to do to sell the story, DO IT!
  4. Say your word and PRESTO CHANGO ALAKAZOODLE! You have just changed something about your life!

Don’t Stop Believing!

When you find yourself feeling anxious, or worried or stressed about an outcome, quickly utter that magic word and visualize your problem disappearing in a poof of purple smoke! If you believe you have control over the outcomes in your life, you will.

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